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The Project Pine Story

Rachelle at Maker House Co.Project Pine Designs Founder and Craftswoman, Rachelle Tessier, has been in the crafting business for over nine years.

Rachelle began Chalkboard Chique after she got engaged in 2014 and started the wedding planning process. Like many other brides, Rachelle jumped at the opportunity to add her own DIY touch to her wedding and made chalkboards! 

After receiving rave reviews from her friends and family she decided to set up an Etsy shop. Before long, Chalkboard Chique grew to become the top Canadian- based chalkboard seller on Etsy with products on display in major retailers across Canada and the US!

Once demand grew, Rachelle knew she had to find a way to work smarter, not harder. She found a chalkboard supplier that had chalk-marker compatible boards, instead of using chalkboard paint, that were perfect for commercial signage.

Because of this, she was able to put all of her attention into building beautiful frames, coming up with new designs like calendars and planners, AND expand her business by participating in shows like the One-Of-A-Kind Show (the largest craft show in North America) and working with national retailers.

Flash forward to 2020, the panini severely impacted Rachelle’s material supply chain. Without the ability to offer her specialty chalkboards, Rachelle decided to turn lemons into lemonade and pivot her business in mid-2021 with a re-branded her business from Chalkboard Chique to Project Pine Designs.

Project Pine Designs creates small batch, limited edition products with the aim of making every customer's house feel more like home. From address signs to children’s furniture, to pegboards and much more, Rachelle handcrafts each piece with care and attention in her single-car garage turned workshop at her home in Ottawa, Ontario.

She also has a personal mission of helping women feel comfortable and confident with using power tools. This is the inspiration behind #tooltuesday where Rachelle breaks down how to use a new tool with the goal of empowering women to create, build, and bring their DIY visions to life.

A true crafter at heart Rachelle is always experimenting and adding new pieces to the Project Pine Designs store, so be sure to stay tuned.

   Rach in Dad's Garage   Rach and Dad   Rach at OOAK   Rachelle Sanding on front lawn