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Refresh your Space with this Easy DIY Accent Wall!

I had the idea to reno our entire 1979 “finished-unfinished” basement with budget friendly, quick fixes aptly titled TheBargainBasement Project. Our entire basement was covered in popcorn drywall and wood paneling all painted a nice tinge of yellow.


Accent Wall From Start to Finish I wasn’t interested in dealing with any behind-the-wall surprises, so instead of tearing it all down, I added some super thin plywood on top so I could start with a fresh, flat surface. No more popcorn drywall! Adding these sheets solved one problem, but added another – 3 seams where all the panels met. That got me thinking and after scouring Pinterest, I KNEW that a geometric accent wall would offer the perfect solution to cover them. 

Lets Get Started

The great news is this easy DIY project can be done in just one day following the below steps!

The Supplies:

Geometric accent wall supplies: pencil & paper, measuring tape, painters tape, level, caulk, 1”x2”x8’ Select Pine

Painting supplies: paint brush, paint roller, tray, step ladder, drop cloth, and paint in the colour of your choice

The Tools:

I’ve made it easy so you can achieve this wall with hand tools OR power tools. Whenever using power tools, please always remember your safety equipment (glasses, ear protection, and dust mask)

- Hand Tools: Hand Saw w/ Mitre Box, Finishing Nails (1 1⁄2”), & a Hammer

- Power tools: Mitre Saw & Brad Nailer* (with 18 gauge 1 1⁄4” brad nails)

*I use a cordless brad nailer but you can also use a pneumatic one and they are less expensive!

Step One: Plan your DesignPlan. Plan. Plan. Plan! Suuuure this is not the most fun, but it will save you a lot of time and swearing in the end. Once you have an idea of how you want your wall to look, use painter’s tape to mock-up the design ON your wall. Get creative and don't be afraid to change the design if you’re not feeling it. It’s so helpful to have a visual and the beauty of painter’s tape is that you can easily move it around as desired.

Step Two: Measure and Cut your woodFor this step, precision is key. After you have placed the tape in your desired pattern, you’re going to go in and measure each individual length. Start with all of your straight pieces first and use your mitre saw (or hand saw) to cut the pine.

Helpful Hint:

Number your pieces of tape and once you’ve measured your wood, add that corresponding number to your piece so you can match them up.

Step Three: Attach wood to wall

Yay! you’re finally ready to bring the wall to life! Using a level make sure the horizontal/vertical pieces are aligned before nailing your first piece of pine to the wall. Use your brad nailer (or nails and hammer) to secure each piece to the wall.

Step Four: Time to Paint

In reality, I did this step a little backwards. I had originally painted the entire wall with a roller before attaching the pine for the geometric design, and then had to paint again, however you can also do ALL the painting (wall and wood) after if you’d prefer, especially if you are sticking with the colour already on your walls. The paint colour I used for this wall is “Wrought Iron” by Benjamin Moore

Rach Painting Wall 3Rachelle Painting Wall 2

Helpful Hint:

If you find there is a gap between your wall and the wood, you can use some latex caulking to fill it in. This gives it a super professional finished look – similar to what you can do with baseboards!

Step 5: The Big Reveal

This was the FIRST big project I finished in the Bargain Basement series, and personally I’m OBSESSED...and I think Monkey is too!

Cat Looking At Accent Wall

Feeling inspired to try it for yourself?! I’d love to see your finished product! Tag us on social at @projectpinedesigns.

You’ll also find a quick Instagram REEL I made including all of the steps HERE.

 Cheers! Rachelle

Comments (3)

  • Kirsten Duke on February 10, 2022

    I’ve saved this tutorial since you did it and I’m finally going to try it myself!!! So pumped.

  • drywall expert on January 14, 2022

    As a drywall expert at the thin plywood trick is a superior way for hiding that popcorn wall! Touche! a few of my clients are going to be thrilled to see this! do you mind if I share your post? They’re all looking for a few tips and tricks for adding accent walls to their homes.

  • Kanika on June 28, 2021

    This transformation is unbelievable!!!!! And loving the step by step instructions. I really can’t wait to try this for myself!

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